No longer stuck in the Wonderful World of Google…

July 1, 2010
Buy with confidence using Google Checkout

Good to go with Google Checkout

In what seemed like an eternity of being stuck in the set up process of Google Checkout, the journey of endless testing, emails back and forth, trouble shooting, problem solving, receipt of lead contact information, and everything else is finally over! Patience is definitely key when working with Google.  There is absolutely no way to expedite the process, as we learned, they stick to their procedure no matter what. Although patience is not one of our strong qualities, it was well worth it.  We are proud to announce that businesses in Florida can now buy individual qualified consumer and business leads from the friends, family, and co-workers that know their potential customers with confidence through Google Checkout.

The complete launch of is still on schedule for July 5th, 2010, however, buyers and sellers can join now and begin getting familiar with the site and start making money before the rest of South Florida finds out about it. It is completely free to join and post ads for your business as well as make some money from home by selling information to businesses.


Make money at home selling leads to businesses

June 28, 2010 is a grass roots website designed by local Floridians to help local businesses and consumers.  To put it simply, it is a platform that connects every day people with information to businesses that will pay for that information. In other words, businesses pay for leads all of the time, and are constantly looking for qualified leads. You may not realize it, but  you probably know of someone who is a lead for a business, and now for the first time ever, you can safely and anonymously sell that information! gives everyone the opportunity to make some money from home, and it gives businesses a way to connect with the people who know their next potential customer. It’s free to join and begin posting.